Indonesia’s Major Cities Shutter Nightlife as Ramadan 2023 Begins: Check Out the List! – The holy month of Ramadan 2023 has finally arrived, and Muslims around the world are happily fasting to embrace the holy month. Muslims in Indonesia are also happy to welcome the holy month and respect the sanctity of the month.

Some big cities in Indonesia are closing their entertainment venues, thus banning nightlife during Ramadan 2023 to honor the sacred month of Islam. Therefore, tourists who plan to visit certain cities must check the policies applied in those cities.

The following are cities that close night entertainment venues during Ramadan 2023 :

The West Jakarta City Government is closing night entertainment venues during Ramadan 2023 through the Tourism, Economic and Creative DKI Jakarta Service letter number e-0009/SE/2023 on the Organization of Tourism Business during the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.

“We hope that the entertainment business owners in West Jakarta comply with the provisions set forth in the circular,” said the Head of the West Jakarta Tourism Department, Dedi Sumardi.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Bandung City, West Java, is also closing the entertainment venues during Ramadan 2023 . The Head of the Department, Arief Syaifudin, revealed that all entertainment venues would be closed starting on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 6:00 pm.

“The ban is based on Bandung City Regional Regulation Number 14 of 2019 concerning Amendments to Bandung City Regional Regulation Number 7 of 2012 concerning the Organization of Tourism,” said Arief in an official statement.

The Cianjur Regency Government, West Java, prohibits night entertainment venues from operating during Ramadan 2023 . Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman will impose strict sanctions on night entertainment business owners who remain open during Ramadan 2023 .

“We have instructed the Satpol PP (municipal police) to supervise and take strict action against night entertainment venues that dare to open during the fasting month. We will impose penalties ranging from sealing to revocation of permits,” said Herman Suherman.

Medan City Mayor Bobby Nasution also prohibits night entertainment venues from operating during Ramadan 2023 until April 22, 2022. This is intended to honor the practice of fasting during the holy month.

“We ask all entertainment and recreation business actors in Medan City to temporarily close their operations,” said Bobby Nasution on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

The Padang City Government’s municipal police (Satpol PP) officially closes the night entertainment venues during Ramadan 2023 . The Head of the Padang City municipal police unit, Mursalim, said they have conducted socialization with the owners of night entertainments in the area.

“A joint statement by community organization figures stating that night entertainment businesses are not allowed to operate during the month of Ramadan,” said Mursalim.***

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